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I am experienced communication platform designer and Data Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and telecom industry services.
Also skilled in Artificial Intelligent, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality, Web Services, Network Virtualization, Media Processing and Robotics.
With a master degree focused on the tactile internet from politecnico di milano.


i list my interested research

- smart network and service orchastration on sdn and nfv technologies
- machine learning for networking
- internet of things
- robot operating system
- advanced design system


you see some of my work include patents

iot, 2019

Internet of Things Edge Server

agv, 2019

Automated Guided Vehicle Robot

power, 2019

Smart Networks Power Module

crob, 2018

garbage collector robot

cam, 2018

continuous active motion machine

brush, 2018

smart brushless motor driver


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  Milan, Italy


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